How to Prep Your Property for the Snow Season

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Residential Tips for a Safe and Stunning Winter Landscape

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to get ready for the challenges that come with snow and ice. While a winter wonderland can be enchanting, it can also bring about potential hazards and maintenance issues for homeowners. 

At Freddy & Co., we understand the unique needs of homeowners when it comes to winter property care. In this blog, our experienced team will walk you through essential steps to ensure your residential property remains both functional and picturesque during the snow season.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Snow is on its way, so it’s important to be prepared! The first step in prepping your home for winter is securing reliable snow removal services. Freddy & Co. specializes in timely and efficient snow removal for driveways, walkways, and entry paths, ensuring your family and guests can navigate your property safely. Our residential snow removal services are tailored to keep your home accessible and hazard-free so you can focus on enjoying your snow day.

If you do choose to handle snow removal on your property yourself, here are some helpful shoveling tips from our team!

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Protect the beauty of your residential landscape by scheduling a pruning session for your trees and shrubs. Heavy snow can weigh down branches, potentially causing damage. Our expert team at Freddy & Co. can assess and trim your greenery, ensuring it stays healthy and vibrant throughout the winter.

De-Icing and Salt Application

Minimize the risk of slips and falls by applying de-icing agents and salt to your walkways and driveway. Our team can help create a safe passage, preventing ice buildup and keeping your family and guests secure as they move around your residential property.

Winter-Resistant Plants

Enhance the visual appeal of your home during winter by incorporating winter-resistant plants into your garden design. Freddy & Co. can assist you in selecting evergreen shrubs and cold-resistant flora that will add color and life to your residential landscape, even when blanketed in snow.

Gutter Maintenance

Before winter arrives, safeguard your home from potential water damage by prioritizing gutter maintenance. To prevent dangerous ice dams and uphold the structural integrity of your residence, make certain your gutters are free from debris. Take this crucial step to fortify your property against the harsh winter elements.

Contact us to learn more about Freddy & Co.’s Connecticut snow removal services! 

For premier property care services in Fairfield County, CT, look no further than the team at Freddy & Co.! We provide comprehensive property care services all year round to ensure your property always looks spotless and is functioning as it needs to be. Give us a call at 203-855-7854 or visit our website to learn more.

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