Landscapes are living entities, always changing.
To preserve their original design intent, they need continuous nurturing and care.

Property Care

Four Seasons of Property Care in Fairfield County, Connecticut

For over 30 years, Freddy Co. has cared for many of the finest properties in Fairfield and Westchester counties. Led by a crew foreman, our property care teams are well schooled in the science and art of property care. Each person is trained, background checked, and respectful of our customers and properties.

With our attention to every little detail, your property is maintained at the highest level of care. And because we do it all, you don’t have to waste time worrying if something got done or tracking down multiple service companies.

For each property, we create a custom care plan based on needs and budget.

Four Seasons of Property Care


The season of hope and possibility in the landscape. Together we check the health of your property and discuss wishes and plans you may have. Then our teams clean, repair and plant for the summer ahead.

Spring Tasks

Examine driveways, walkways, patios and walls.

Agree on the level of organic care.

Install flower beds, vegetable gardens, and containers.

Clean up, prune, and fix damaged branches and edging; mulch

Adjust night lighting for seasonal growth.

Continue disease and pest control.


This is the magic time to actively enjoy the beauty, fragrance, and sounds of a landscape full of life. Our job is to nurture and maintain the beauty and vibrancy of a well-designed and loved landscape.

Summer Tasks

Undertake projects including gardens, structures, walls, patios and kitchens.

Rotate seasonal plants.

Continue weekly bed detailing: weeding, pruning and plant health.

Stake and deadhead perennials.

Treat noxious weeds, disease and insect infestations.

Adjust night lighting.


As you watch the lighting and the colors of your landscape change, there is still plenty of time to be outside and enjoy your property. We continue to maintain the health and beauty of the season while we prepare the landscape for rest.

Fall Tasks

Plant fall beds, containers and spring bulbs.

Prune plants, grasses and perennials

Remove debris; divide perennials.

Prepare lawn for spring with seeding, aeration, fertilizer and composting.

Wrap evergreens with mesh and burlap.

Inspect trees for health and pruning; deep-feed trees and shrubs.


The landscape rests while you view the winter sky through the sculpture of snow-brushed trees. We protect your family’s safety on driveways and walkways while monitoring the landscape’s well-being.

Winter Tasks

Stake driveway before first plow.

Design and install holiday containers.

Adjust night lighting to dramatize winter landscape.

Prune woody ornamentals, fruit and specimen trees.

Remove debris, fallen limbs, branches and leaves.

Plow, clear, and salt walkways and driveway.

Freddy & Co. offers organic property care

When homeowners ask us about organic landscape care, they are really asking us how we eliminate or replace the use of synthetic chemicals in lawn and shrub care.

And here’s what we tell them: “To reduce the need for chemicals, the number-one thing we do is to stay ahead of problems.” This requires that a great deal of knowledge and skill is brought to the lawn and plant care. If planted correctly, in the right place, with the right soil, light, water, nutrients, and expert pruning, most plants do well without chemical intervention. 

It is when something is overlooked or done incorrectly that plants become stressed and vulnerable to disease and pests. If that happens, we use a variety of treatments, many without synthetic chemicals, to reduce chemical toxicity.

By observing, thinking and acting, we stay ahead of problems.

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