Few experiences can match the joy of swimming in your own beautiful pool.
Freddy & Co. builds three types of in-ground pools – conventional, chemical-free, and natural swimming ponds. No matter which pool you choose, yours will have beauty in design and materials, flawless execution of all the elements, and advanced safety features.


Swimming Pool Builders in Fairfield County, CT

We build beautiful pools, using the highest quality materials and finishes, and the latest and very best pool safety technology.

Working with your landscape architect, we integrate the pool into the property, creating beautiful surrounds from stone, wood and plant material. Many of our pools include integrated spas and sun benches to further enhance the enjoyment of having your own pool. And, regardless of style, shape or size, we build each one for years of enjoyment.

If you have an in-ground pool that needs repairs, Freddy & Co.’s renovation experts can restore your pool to its original function and beauty. Perhaps your pool needs a facelift or no longer works well for your lifestyle — we can help you reimagine your pool and upgrade it to a new level of wonderfulness.

You might also want to consider going chemical-free with your pool renovation. Freddy & Co. can make the repairs to your gunite pool and then convert it to chemical-free by replacing the chlorine system with biofiltration.

If your pool does not need repairs, but you want to have chemical-free water, Freddy & Co. can remove the chlorine system and replace it with a new biofiltration system that you will enjoy for years to come.

Chemical-Free natural pools – yes, chemical-free

Freddy & Co. is the only experienced and licensed builder of natural pools and ponds in Connecticut, and one of two in the entire Northeast.

Many people think of a natural pool as requiring a plant filtration system for regeneration near the swimming area. But Freddy & Co.’s natural swimming pools no longer require a plant regeneration zone.

For a natural swimming pool, we first build a beautiful and conventional in-ground gunite pool. But instead of installing a chlorine system or a plant regeneration zone, we use an exciting new filtration system made from limestone that creates biofilm to clean and filter the pool water.

This system requires no chlorine and no ozonators, which means you and your family swim in delightful chemical-free water.

Consider going chemical-free with your pool renovation

When your pool needs repairs or a renovation, Freddy & Co. can make the repairs to your gunite pool and then convert it to chemical-free by replacing the chlorine system with biofiltration.

If your pool is still in good shape, but you want to have chemical-free water, Freddy & Co. removes the chlorine system and replaces it with a new biofiltration system, that you will enjoy for years to come.

We also build natural swimming ponds

Swimming ponds have two primary components: a swimming area and a water garden regeneration zone planted with indigenous plants.

It can look like a conventional high-end pool or like a beautifully maintained pond. The plants purify the water naturally and effectively with beneficial bacteria and microbes.

These pools, more commonly referred to as natural swimming ponds, are very popular throughout Europe.

They are environmentally healthy for all life, and refreshing and fun for the family. These pools combine two of our expert skills: pool building and horticulture.

In these ponds we use the world’s leading technology, Bionova, to ensure that our pools and water gardens are lovely to experience and operationally excellent.


Most luxury pools include a custom spa, either integrated directly inside the pool, or built adjacent to part the pool. We also design and install spas which are stand-alone units, used throughout four seasons. Spas are wonderful places that naturally draw people together in relaxed conversation. Freddy & Co. brings the same level of excellence to the building of spas as it does to its pools.
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