How To Care For Your Landscape During The Winter

A small home and garage are covered with a fresh coating of snow during a Cape Cod Winter.

Many homeowners take the winter season to forget about their landscape in hopes that without any care, all the plant life will be ready for spring no matter what – instead of focusing on snow removal from the driveways and walkways. However, some simple landscape care during the winter season can go a long way in helping your property thrive in the warmer months! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Keep Your Lawn Clear

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your landscape happy and healthy during the frigid winter season is to clean up your lawn. When there’s no snow on the ground, clear off any debris such as big sticks or branches and rake up any leaf piles, so your grass can breathe and get ready for growth once the temperatures go up. 

Protect Your Young Plants

Your younger trees and plants need help to stay protected through the harsh winter months. Wrapping wire mesh around their base will create a barrier for them, so no animals can bite or walk over them.

Lay Down Some Mulch

Adding a two-inch layer of mulch around your trees, shrubs, and plants will provide them with adequate protection from the snow and cold temperatures. Also, mulch will help maintain moist soil and prevent erosion, leaving your plants happy and ready for spring.  

Prune Your Plants

Taking the time to prune your plants toward the end of winter can go a long way! When you prune your plants or trim them by cutting off any dead or overgrown stems, it helps them grow more healthily once spring arrives.  

Remove Snow From Your Trees

Before a snowstorm, tie together any branches you think may break from bearing a heavy load of snow. After a snowfall, take some time to brush off snow from low-hanging branches (shaking the limbs can cause breaks) to prevent any damage. 

Don‘t Use Too Much Salt

Homeowners commonly use rock salt to help melt snow and prevent ice formation, but did you know it can be incredibly hazardous to your plants? The salt draws water away from the roots of your grass and plant life, which will prevent their growth once the weather warms up. If you need to use salt, flush out your soil with water, and be mindful of snow getting onto your lawn when you shovel.  

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