Best Plants For Fall Flowers

A closeup of orange, red, and yellow chrysanthemums

Flowers For The Fall Season

Fall is here and if you’re already missing beautiful spring and summer flowers in your garden, there are still plenty of plant options to ensure your property looks bright and fresh all season long. From our team at Freddy & Co. of Connecticut, we’re here to share the flowers that are in season to create a beautiful landscape.


The most well-known plant that is suitable for cooler weather is the chrysanthemum. It comes in shades of orange, yellow, peach, and white. Since they are popular, you can find different sizes to place within your yard. Chrysanthemums are also perfect for table decor! 


If you are searching for a versatile flower to fill in gaps in the lawn, consider getting pansies. They bloom in the spring and autumn, and you can simply plant them in the ground throughout your landscape or sit them in a hanging basket. 


This plant, known as croton, is a fall staple! They thrive in cold weather and come in a mixture of orange, yellow, purple, and red. Crotons will look especially great placed by your front door in a festive plant holder next to your welcome sign.


Celosia is a more durable and low-maintenance type of flower, allowing more time for you to focus on socializing with your guests and making delicious meals this season. They have a fun texture and bloom in traditional fall colors such as red and orange.

Blue Poppy

Although blue flowers are not common this season, they will have your visitors in awe and add a unique pop of color to your landscape. Blue poppies have an umbrella petal shape with a fuzzy yellow center. Keep in mind; however, they require a lot of moisture.

Guinea Hen Flowers

If you want your guests to be wowed with your amazing garden, think about planting guinea hen flowers. They need some sun and well-drained soil to produce their stunning petals. Their unique checkered pattern will certainly make an impression.

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