In the hands of our expert masons, no other material can match the drama and beauty of natural stone.
From walkways to patios, walls and fireplaces, our artistic stonework teams create features that fill your landscape with visually stunning and functional elements.

Fairfield Landscape Masonry & Stonework

Walls and Entrances

Landscape masonry refers to the myriad ways stone is used in the landscape. The most recognizable, of course, is the ubiquitous stone wall. A New England icon, a stone wall performs many jobs on a property. As a retaining wall, it fights gravity and holds back a hill, evens out terraces and provides different elevations within one landscape. The other general use for a wall is for decoration. Decorative walls can delineate specific areas within a property; for instance, low walls around a patio mark the space and offer seating. Bolder and taller walls can enclose an entire property.

There are two types of stone wall construction: dry-laid and mortared. To construct a dry-laid wall, a mason stacks stones in an overlapping pattern that keeps the wall intact. Mortared walls, on the other hand, are stacked stones held together by concrete or mortar to create a more impenetrable effect.

We use stone to build dramatic entranceways. Elements include stone pillars, designed in a variety of styles that often tie together with stone walls. Freddy & Co. masons build the stone pillars, and the apron entrance and the curbing that outlines the driveway. To showcase an alluring entrance to a property, we recommend installing night lighting.

Regardless of the use – practical or decorative – Freddy & Co. builds with years of knowledge and skill in design and construction. Our stonework combines beauty and texture and will provide you with outstanding service for years to come.

Stonework Patios and Walkways

The concept behind and the word for patio comes from Spanish architecture and means a courtyard to a building, open to the sky. The courtyard in today’s landscape can be in the form of a patio, stone walls, pathways, an outdoor kitchen or a dramatic entranceway to the home.

We use different types of stone material for patio construction including sandstone, limestone, slate and the non-slippery bluestone, which is popular for patios and decking around a pool. Patterns are also varied according to the project and architecture of the home and surroundings.

Paths and walkways are designed and installed in stone in both formal and informal ways. They invite and guide us through a transition from one space to another, safely, securely and with delight. They can graciously welcome us into a new environment and lift our expectations as to what lies ahead or they can lead us on a little journey of adventure and add focus and charm.

Stonework Fireplaces and Kitchens

Everyone loves sitting by a fire, and we all hold wonderful memories of enjoying backyard campfires when we were younger. 

For today’s backyard, the campfire is replaced by a fireplace or firepit built into the landscape.

Designed as focal points in your property, these elements add value to resale, encourage more time outdoors, even in the chilly months, and are the most often requested addition to the landscape.

The masons of Freddy & Co. work with amazing blueprints and the finest materials to create a fire-centered communal space that will unite your family and friends in laughter and memories.

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