Architectural Elements

Often constructed from wood, architectural elements are focal points of many landscape designs. They range in size and complexity from fences to pergolas and gazebos.

An architectural element may be part of an overall landscape installation designed by a landscape architect. If it is a separate project, we, along with your architect, listen carefully to your wishes and needs for your property. We study the overall site, along with the architectural style and siting of the house and intended structure. This way, we make sure that we design and build an element that complements the existing site and buildings.

Pergolas are especially popular with homeowners, as they extend a home’s living space while protecting people from sun, wind and rain. Generally, one side of a pergola is attached to the house, and can cover a deck or a patio with its flat roof. Often pergola roofs are covered with flowering vines for added shade and decoration.

A gazebo is similar in function to a pergola but is freestanding, round or octagonal and has a pitched roof. You’ll often see gazebos used to create a sense of destination in an area of the landscape that is farther from the main house. Often they are used to take advantage of a far-off view. Gazebos also provide shelter in rain, much like a detached front porch.

Arbors, another beautiful landscape structure made of wood, are used as an entrance to a garden or yard. They can be integrated with a fence or can also act as a small shelter for a bench or seating area. Arbors are almost always accented with vines climbing up and over the top.

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