5 Helpful Snow Shoveling Tips

Man shoveling the driveway after a heavy snowfall

Winter is in full swing here in Connecticut, and the snow continues to pile up. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re dreading all the shoveling you will be doing until the season ends – it’s no easy job! Shoveling is often an essential task, but it can cause a lot of strain and be a big time waster if you’re not doing it the optimal way.

From the team at Freddy & Co, here are five tips to help make snow shoveling an easier job:

Shovel While The Snow is Still Falling

The longer you wait to get the shoveling done, the heavier and more difficult it will be to remove the snow leading to a higher increase of injury. Instead, shovel the snow as it continues to land on your driveway before it can freeze and pile up. Even if you have to go back out multiple times, removing snow this way is a safer and easier method.    

Have The Right Tools

When buying your snow removal tools, be sure you’re making smart choices. Your snow shovel should be sturdy, durable, and lightweight, so it’s easier to move around and won’t break easily. As well, if you’re going out in the snow, put on a warm pair of gloves with good gripping, cozy snow boots, and other accessories to help you stay warm.  

Hold The Shovel The Right Way

Snow shoveling is very strenuous on the body and can leave you in pain if you’re not careful. To prevent injury, hold your shovel close to your body to avoid overreaching, which can strain your arms, shoulders, and back. To further avoid injury to your lower back, be mindful of lifting from your legs and lower body, in order to support the weight of the heavy snow.

Push Rather Than Lift

The way you shovel the snow can also help you avoid injury. Try pushing with your shovel rather than scooping and lifting. You’ll find this relieves a lot of pressure on your back and can even make the process quicker!

Don’t Be Afraid To Stop (Or Get Help)

If you find yourself feeling overworked or are in pain while shoveling, don’t be afraid to stop and take a rest; your well-being is always more important! If all you need is a bit of refreshment and rejuvenation before heading out again, that’s great. If the job is too much, don’t hesitate to ask for help – whether it’s a loved one, friend, neighbor, or someone else, it’s always okay to seek assistance from others to get the job of snow removal done. 

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