Fairfield County Garden Landscaping

Whether traditional or modern, flower or vegetable, gardens inspire all the senses.

There are so many different visions for a garden. Perennial, flower, vegetable, manicured or wild are just a few of the types of gardens we create.

Some homeowners want a garden for additional living space, an extension of the home. This can be for entertaining, quiet relaxation, children’s play area or yoga. Others want a garden featuring an element with running water to help obscure an unwanted nearby sound. Perhaps you want a vegetable garden to share with your children and grandchildren.

Whatever the style or function you want your garden to be, Freddy & Co. will help you bring your ideas to life.

We know that gardens are never finished; they are constantly evolving, season to season, year by year. With Freddy & Co. caring for your garden, you will always be delighted and even surprised at the ongoing beauty and joy a well-created garden brings.

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