The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Backyard landscape lighting by Freddy & Co.

Exterior lighting should always be a priority when investing in your home’s landscape. From small solar lights to big spotlights, the team at Freddy & Co. are experts at ensuring your home is always properly lit. Here are some of the advantages to landscape lighting:

Increased Security

The most important reason to invest in outdoor lighting for your home is to ensure it’s protected. Lighting helps prevent people from hiding on your property, and motion detectors can help catch any potential intruders in the act. Lighting can help keep your house and family safe from criminals without sacrificing beauty. 

Personal Safety

With proper outdoor lighting to help brighten up your walkways, driveway, and doorway, you and your guests will feel much safer maneuvering around at night. Trips and dangerous falls can occur while walking on your property without being able to see, making outdoor lighting essential.  


One of the more obvious advantages of landscape lighting is that it will help enhance your home’s appearance once the sun sets. Your house will surely stand out, especially with your lights carefully placed and directed at various architectural elements, plants, doorways, and more that you wish to accentuate. 

Increased Home Value

The addition of professional outdoor lighting adds value to your home in multiple ways. Not only does it help define your home’s beautiful architecture and structures, but it also can help your home appear larger. As well, security is a value that everyone can agree with. Landscape lighting is one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to increase property value.

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For premier landscaping lighting installations in Fairfield County, look no further than the team at Freddy & Co.! We work with you to design and create the best lighting setup for your home and property to ensure your house is visible from day to night. Give us a call at 203-855-7854 or visit our website to learn more.

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