When Should I Open My Swimming Pool?

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When is the Best Time to Open a Swimming Pool in Connecticut?

Let’s face it: There’s nothing better than having a swimming pool at your home! It comes in handy when those hot, hazy summer days roll around — keeping you cool, as well as providing exercise and relaxation. 

However, if this is your first year with a swimming pool or you’re about to get one installed, you may be asking yourself: “When is the best time to open a pool in Connecticut?” 

The Fairfield County swimming pool builders at Freddy & Co. have the answer you’re looking for and more!

When to Open Your Pool For The Season in Connecticut?

Truthfully, the best time to open your swimming pool in Connecticut is when the temperature consistently sits at 70° F. Regardless if it’s the beginning of spring, keeping your pool shut during the heat could result in algae growth (something no homeowner wants to tackle).

Why is it Important to Open Your Pool Sooner Rather than Later?

Besides running into the possibility of heaps of algae growth, keeping your swimming pool shut during hot days can also lead to an increase in pollen within the water. As it turns out, pollen seeks out non-circulating water and stays put.

When it comes to cleaning your pool, you’ll have a much more difficult time removing all of that pesky pollen with ease. Ultimately, the pollen could even give the water a yellow hue. That’s why the sooner you open your aquatic focal point, the sooner you can clean the pollen and put your filter to work.

Swimming Pool Builders in Fairfield County, CT

For over 25 years, using the highest quality materials and finishes, paired with the latest pool safety technology, Freddy & Co. is Fairfield County’s premier swimming pool builder. From conventional pools to chemical-free natural pools and natural swimming ponds, the quality of our pools is unmatched.

To get in touch with our team of swimming pool professionals, give us a call at (203) 855-7854.

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