Few experiences can match the joy of swimming in your own beautiful inground pool.
Freddy & Co. builds two types of in-ground pools – natural, chemical-free, and conventional. For either one, we focus on beauty in design and materials, flawless execution of all the elements, and advanced safety features.


We also build natural swimming ponds.

Swimming ponds have two primary components: a swimming area and a water garden regeneration zone planted with indigenous plants.

It can look like a conventional high-end pool or like a beautifully maintained pond. The plants purify the water naturally and effectively with beneficial bacteria and microbes.

These pools, more commonly referred to as natural swimming ponds, are very popular throughout Europe.

They are environmentally healthy for all life and refreshing and fun for the family. These pools combine two of our expert skills: pool building and horticulture.

In the ponds we use the world’s leading technology, Bionova, to ensure our pools and water gardens are lovely to experience and operationally excellent.

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